Is it time to make Your Business Rock? text over confetti background

Hey there lovely lady, how’s it going?

How’s this ‘owning your own business’ malarkey treating you?

Is it everything you thought it would be?  And more?

Or is it that little bit harder?

That little bit more scary?

And that little bit lonelier than you imagined?

Owning your own business can be tough, I mean if it was easy, everyone would be doing it, but it can also be super fun and super rewarding.

Imagine if…

You weren’t alone

You had people to talk to who actually get it (not your friend who hasn’t got a clue or your mum who just thinks you are great!)

You had 24/7 access to a super friendly support network

You were able to run your ideas past other women and a coach

You had someone to hold you accountable

You could learn from someone who has been there and done that (and if you want to go really old-school…got the t-shirt!)

You had access to training on social media, confidence, finding your voice, networking, marketing and so much more

That’s where The Members Club comes in…

The Members Club is all the best bits from work – the motivating boss, the friendly work mates, the chats over coffee AND the resources you need to progress.

If you’re having a crap day The Members Club will offer you a shoulder to cry on, a safe place to rant AND hints and tips to turn it round (without the bitchiness of the office).

If you’re struggling to put yourself out there, The Members Club will be both your coach and your cheerleaders.  We’ve got tutorials, courses, downloads and more to show you the how AND the private facebook group to give you real life motivation.

We know that not only are you a truly lovely person but that you and your business rock and we are here to help you become more comfortable and confident with reaching out to the people who need you, and I can guarantee that your clients need you (in the same way your family need you!)

And it is only in finding your voice and gaining any missing skills that you will be able to build your business.

You know…the business you really want.

The one that allows you to:

  • work the hours you want (so you never have to miss another sports day or school play)
  • work with the clients you really want (the ones that feel like friends)
  • earn enough money to free you from those thoughts about staying in / going back to the day job
  • really feel like you’ve found your calling, doing the work you love

“I love it because it’s full of supportive women who are genuinely interested in what I do and want to help and I joined because I needed that extra push! x”

Emma Cottam, Isabella and Us.

So, if you feel like perhaps you need a helping hand to make your business rock then come and join us in The Members Club, where you will get:

  • A Monthly Group Coaching Call (where you can ask me anything)
  • Weekly Q & A
  • Online Training
  • Ask the Expert Sessions
  • Monthly Book Club
  • Monthly Implementation Sessions
  • Super Supportive Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Offers
  • Discounts on Coaching and Events

Buy 12 months and only pay for 10!

Only £290!

Normally £29 month (£348 for the year)

AND get a free copy of Tara Mohr’s Playing Big

£1 for your first month

Only £29 / mth thereafter

Helps you budget.

No contract – you can leave at any time.

It is for you if you are ready.

Ready to be you.

Ready to be bold.

Ready to make your business rock.

And if you’re ready, then so am I.

Eek!  I don’t know who’s more excited about this, me or you?

But who am I?

I am Caroline Thompson, and I’ve helped so many women like you.  Women who are just starting out and don’t quite know what steps to take, and women who have been in business a while but are finding it harder than they ever thought they would.

And when you’ve been used to having a team to bounce ideas off, or a boss to hold you accountable it can be hard (and lonely) when you realise that there’s only you!  And that’s not to mention when you are trying to build a business, whilst managing a home and looking after your family!

I get it!

I’ve been working in small businesses since 2003, but it was only when I started networking for my hypnobirthing business in 2015 that I realised that not everyone knows what I know!

I was frequently being asked for help with strategy, social media, confidence and personal development and with all those years in business, combined with my BA (Hons) in Business Admin and my MA in Developing Professional Practice, alongside being a mum and trying to do it all, I realised I was perfectly placed to help.  And whereas, with hypnobirthing I could only work with women for a short amount of time, with business coaching I could empower women AND work with them for longer and build meaningful relationships that would last.

So, I am here to help you, help you plan your time, develop your skills, find your voice and start to really put yourself out there and make your business rock!

Caroline x

Beki says...

“It seems surreal to be launching my cards this evening when 6 weeks ago they were still an idea in my head.

Thank you for giving me the confidence I needed on the coaching call to step out and make my long term dream a reality. x”

Beki Beer, Believe in ME