You are not alone!

So many women start their business and feel like it is all ‘on them’, that they have no support and no one to turn to.  I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that.

There’s a good chance your partner, your ’employed’ friends, your family etc just don’t get it.

And that’s OK. Because there is a whole other world out there – of women just like you.

Women who are juggling every aspect of their business, with their home and family life, trying to keep on top of social media, marketing, sales, seeing customers, whilst doing the washing, keeping the kids happy and healthy, cooking tea, the list goes on.

And not only are there all these other women out there in a similar situation but I am also here. To help you navigate all those additional things no one warned you about; mailing lists; facebook groups; facebook lives; social media scheduling; PR; and perhaps most importantly of all…having the confidence to be you AND put yourself ‘out there’ for the whole world to see.

Ready to Get Started?

I had no idea where to start in building a business, and although I knew the direction I wanted things to go in, I didn't even really know what I truly wanted my overall goal to be.

Caroline changed that.  It was, hand on heart, the best thing I have ever done. Although business wise I still feel I've not really moved on (more because I have not put much time into it, nothing to do with Caroline), Caroline and the amazing women in the members' group have helped me realise what my true passions were and given the confidence to go for them.

I've just left my day job to focus on my dreams and have never felt lighter and happier.

I can't recommend Caroline enough. I love her take on life and business, and her way of suggesting but never pushing advice on you. Her words sort of hang in your subconscious until you're ready for it.

Cindy Charest, My Joyful Parenting

This Is Me!

My clients will tell you that I am a no-nonsense, action taking, walk the talk, kind of girl that has the potential to change your life!

No exaggeration, that has been said.

With over 15 years experience in small businesses, a BA (hons) in Business Administration and an MA in Developing Professional Practice, I have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you build the business you dream of.

Caroline x

PS – My ‘real’ About Me page is here, just in case you want to know more

PPS – I hope you sang “This is Me” to the theme of The Greatest Showman (you were meant to!)

"It seems surreal to be launching my cards this evening when 6 weeks ago they were still an idea in my head.

Thank you for giving me the confidence I needed on the coaching call to step out and make my long term dream a reality. x"

Beki Beer, Believe in ME